When I was little, my mom gave me a mini vintage black Singer to begin sewing on. She set it up right next to her big old sewing machine and taught me to sew. Then she moved on to Heaven and suddenly her big old machine became mine as well.

As a young teenager I used her machine to alter my out-of-date clothes.  In college I used it to make slipcovers for old hand-me-down furniture.  More recently it has been used to create lovies, changing pads and tooth fairy pillows for my two young daughters.  

And now it sits next to a serger, and together they help to create unique and exciting clothes for my kids and yours! 

I have always needed a creative outlet...it keeps me centered.  I enjoyed many years in an innovative career as an Interior Designer creating office spaces, retail spaces and hotel designs.  I now bring those design skills to the table as I create each unique dress/shirt/skirt out of a compilation of upcycled shirts.  I am very passionate about good design and quality workmanship.

Oh, and by the way...I still have that vintage black Singer in my attic.  Perhaps someday it will inspire one of my daughters as it did me.  :)     

zed+zoe upcycled clothing

handcrafted quality.
one of a kind. 

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